About Us

Our Mission

To help organizations automate with or update to the most appropriate, cost-effective technologies so that they can empower decision making, gain efficiencies and focus on the business of educating.

Our Plan

Educational institutions were among the first to automate, which is why many of them are overwhelmed by out-of-date legacy systems, rigid workflows that no longer reflect their needs, incomplete solutions that have manual gaps, and customer applications that don't meet the expectations or needs of today's students and instructors. Critical information is often disconnected (siloed) making it hard to answer basic questions. Sometimes an institution needs to embrace new modes of education or assessment and doesn't know where to start, or how to integrate it with what they have. We want to help, and have the experience it takes to assess, roadmap, design, integrate, implement, deploy and optimize all of your information systems. Every organization's needs are different, and so should be solutions to it's problems.

Our Vision

To help educational organizations fully embrace information technology so that they can survive and thrive into the coming decades.



Before you can make things better you have to have a deep understanding of what you have and don't have. You need to understand your data, your workflows and processes, your bottlenecks, your integrations, your user access points, your security holes and business continuity issues, and many other things besides. This needs to be presented in ways that all stakeholders can understand. Systems often grow and change without adequate documentation and planning, and the result is that organizations sometimes can't see the forest for the trees. We can help you make sense of it all so leaders can make informed decisions.


It’s not just enough to know what you need to do, you need to know the best way to do it. Transforming an organization takes time, and sometimes involves detours, multiple design iterations, and dealing with unexpected dependencies. A properly architected roadmap accounts for all of the variables, and presents a solid plan to get from here to there. We can help your IT leaders create a sustainable path to your vision.


System design requires the ability to not only understand the problem to solve, but the best way to solve it without creating problems that may ripple through the organization. Good design requires creating systems that can sustain a steady cadence of work without overwhelming the people and other systems that rely on them. It requires a fine understanding of the technologies to be used, as well as resource and performance requirements. An experienced designer can not only automate a task, they can do so without creating more work for the enterprise. We can help design or redesign whatever information system you need to employ.


Implementing a system design requires an in-depth knowledge of software technologies and techniques as they relate to education. The amount of structured and unstructured information in Educational organizations can be overwhelming, and addressing the scale, complexity, security and privacy implications can be daunting. We have experienced software engineers who understand how to do that, and can help you build virtually any information system that can be described.


Tying information systems together, and bridging gaps between them, can cause chaos. Information hygiene, data quality, change frequency and many other factors can have a huge impact on even the easiest system integration projects. Experienced system integrators will see these issues and help an organization navigate the hazards that can happen when you tie two systems together that have different levels of sophistication or cleanliness. Our experienced data architects can help you figure these issues out.


Building a new information system is challenging enough, but sizing and performing a deployment requires deep system and network experience in order to avoid issues with scaling and reliability. Without the necessary expertise even the smallest system deployment can create a time bomb for an organization. We have extensive experience with many different on-premise and cloud platforms, and can even implement a full CI/CD pipeline for even very complex applications.


Even working systems can have intermittent or persistent bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Sometimes these problems are even invisible, manifesting themselves as incomplete information in downstream systems. Determining the source and implementing solutions requires a skilled systems forensic team that can assess things without breaking them, and get to the source of potentially knotty problems. Optimization can also include building the infrastructure and expertise needed to continuously monitor and assess performance of systems, to allow organizations to identify and prevent future problems and to get insight into user behavior. We have the expertise to both streamline your current systems and implement tools for staying on top of them going forward.


We have a diverse team of experienced technology experts with a combined decades of experience with educational needs, and deep skill sets covering a wide range of methodologies and technologies. From Waterfall to Agile to DevSecOps, from Python to Java to C++/C#, on Linux, Windows and mobile platforms, we have you covered. We've done it all and seen it all, and can apply that level of focus and technical ability to any problems you have, to craft whatever solution that you need, from analysis through complete system development and every step in between.